Letsatsi Safari & Lodge
We are a mobile safari operation. As the name suggests we move from place to place - to specially designated campsites - to spend the night there. Depending on itinerary we can stay at one camp one night or more. Accommodation in tents is the best way to experience the nature very close.
We provide all the necessary equipment to make the camp experience a comfortable one. We serve meals on the tables with chairs. We provide simple ablution facilities - a bucket shower and toilets.

Sometimes our itinerary allows (and if the clients wish so) to use more sophisticated permanent lodge facilities available in some areas.
We use specially adapted 4x4 vehicles to travel through the vast wilderness areas on sandy, dusty and sometimes, muddy roads. Our equipment and staff travels in separate vehicles ahead of us to prepare the camp.
In some places we allow our clients to leave the vehicle to enjoy a drink, sunset, vastness of the area or wildlife. Our professional guides will never put you at risk and will make sure your safety comes first.