Letsatsi Safari & Lodge
This is our favorite image. The picture was taken at the waterhole in Savuti, Chobe National Park.

Savuti is known for many lions and elephants. It is one of the best wildlife spots in Botswana.
Big cats are always the biggest attraction on a safari.
But there are so many other interesting animals in the bush...
There are many bird species to be seen in Botswana. Some are very colorful like the bee-eaters or rollers.
Many species of antelopes can be observed while on safari. These graceful animals are well adapted to live in various habitats of the desert, semi-desert and water paradise of the famous Okavango Delta.

Springbok - a desert antelope, and the most spread and hardy kudu.
Largest, tallest or small - all of them have a place in the bush and all of them are important and beautiful.
Deset and water contrast, nomads searching for food and water - spectacle of nature  in the wilderness of Botswana.