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Letsatsi Safari & Lodge
Letsatsi Safari & Lodge is a registered Botswana Safari company which specializes in mobile [camping] safari operations to most destinations in Botswana. We also offer accommodated tours to many Lodges in the Okavango Delta and Chobe areas.
If interested in having a guide for escort on your own private trip, using your own equipment, we also have qualified guides to see you through the vast reserves and national parks.

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The company director, Joe S. Bayei, together with his brother, William, have the higher required tourism skills to serve their valued customers, both of them worked in several Safari companies in different duties and then graduated to the field of professional guides which they pursued for a very long time. Joe in particular, as a company director, has worked for a major safari company for a period of 11 years, and later joint another company as manager and guide.


Letsatsi Safari and Lodge is a mobile safari operating within Botswana along the camping sites allocated in the national Parks, Game Reserves, control wildlife areas and community Natural reserves Management. We make arrangements for safari transfers to other lodges and camps when required. We also do cultural tours in local community concessions to experience the lifestyles of local people where you could be able to buy their art-crafts. We also visit central Kalahari areas where you can experience the Bushman dancing, hunting techniques, gathering wild fruits, medicine and fire preparation.


Our main aim is to motivate and support local community projects to work hand in hand with local companies to develop their local experience and the nation as a whole to benefit from such skills. To employ other Batswana and train them, and empower them to be able to sell their knowledge to the global market. To generate enough income for sustainable development in order to upgrade the life of the local people. We want to promote our country at large to be known internationally as one of the prime tourist destinations in Africa.
This company is 100% Batswana owned by Mr. Joe Samati Bayei and his wife Mrs. Kabelo Bayei.  However as this is a family company the directors works hand in hand with one of their brother (Mr. William Bayei) who actually helps in technical aspect of the business and even assist with conducting some Safaris on behalf of the senior brother.
Joe Samati Bayei and his wife Kabelo Bayei - directors of the company.
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